• Arpit Sharma

7 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Successful people seem to radiate confidence. It’s obvious that they feel assured about themselves and what they’re doing. But in almost every case, it’s not the success that makes people confident—it’s the confidence that makes them successful.

Here are seven bulletproof strategies you can use to become more confident.

Think confidently. Many people limit themselves with what they think. Remember, you can always go as far as your thoughts let you, and what you believe you can achieve. So, what are you thinking? Are they positive thoughts? Are they thoughts of you being successful? If not, it’s time to change your thinking and change your life. When you think confidently you become confident.

Communicate confidently. A confident person is assured in their communication. They speak up when something needs to be said and they say what needs to be heard. When you communicate with self-assurance, you gain respect. And that respect, in turn, gives you even more assurance.

Decide confidently. When decisions need to be made, a strong confident person jumps in and makes them. They may study the situation, but they don’t waffle over the options. When you’re strong and decisive, you invariably come across as self-assured and self-confident.

Act confidently. The quickest way to acquire confidence is to tackle something you fear and learn to do it well. Confident people are not afraid to take on challenges, because they know their self-opinion isn’t based on a single success or failure. What they do does not affect their outlook. They know that they’re always going to do their best in any given situation, so they will act confident even if mistakes happen. The best way to act confident is to feel confident.

Believe confidently. No matter how well you think you carry yourself if you do not believe in yourself it will show. People determine how to treat others based on perceptions, so it’s important to project belief in yourself. Knowing your worth gives you inner confidence, which leads naturally to confident behavior.

Dress confidently: People often make snap judgments based on a person’s appearance. Sometimes that means dressing the part. If you look like you’re ready to get things done, people are more likely to treat you with respect and deference. Self-confidence is the best outfit, so give it your personal spin and own it.

Focus confidently. Confidence is all about focus. Confident people focus on how to improve everything they do until they succeed. People who lack confidence, on the other hand, focus on what they don’t know and what they can’t do. They worry about their shortcomings instead of leveraging their strengths. When you worry about failing, you’re more likely to fail. But when you confidently seek out solutions, you’re more likely to succeed.

Lead from within: Confidence is within your power. if you take to heart these seven strategies and incorporate them into your life, you’ll soon be the picture of confidence.


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