• Arpit Sharma

Comfort Zone is killer, go out as soon as you can!

Anshul says, I used to work for a company based out of Mumbai and got a new job in Bangalore. So decided to move to a new city and figure out my shit. It was pretty easy initially because I have traveled across cities/states for study/work and never felt bored and alone. The new city has to offer awesome weather, a lazy lifestyle, a company of awesome engineers but something was missing, an active community before/after office. I tried new ways of keeping myself active like going to Cult classes, asking Decathlon to provide me an internship to learn new skills, started going to bike rides with friends I know there. But it was pretty difficult. I went to a psychologist as well but didn't get any actionable list from here. So decided to go back to Pavilion (Mumbai, same company). Mumbai has been a comfort zone for me because I used to do cycling/running and had a lot of groups who do the same there. If you are constraint in the comfort zone then you're stuck in your life. Please don't do that. The lockdown taught me to stay away from my comfort zone (even while staying in Mumbai, I was alone and can't go out). Now I left Mumbai and will be working in a different city.


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